“The secret of a good wine is the work in the vineyard throughout the year.” - Boris Lisjak
At the Lisjak homestead, the story of a wine starts in the vineyard: the growth and maturation of the grapes is therefore carefully monitored, the best conditions are created and quality is always the most important factor. Under watchful eyes, in wooden barrels, the grapes become some of the finest wines which satisfy not only all the true lovers of good wine, but also those who search for a story or inspiration in the precious liquid. Since 1991, Lisjak wines are bottled in bottles of the famous Slovene designer Oskar Kogoj.

Interesting facts
  • The Lisjak homestead can boast one of the oldest vineyards in the Karst. The vineyard planted by Boris’s grandfather celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2015.
  • The wines from the Lisjak homestead have been tasted by several famous persons, among which Queen Elizabeth, during her visit to Slovenia.
  • Roughly a quarter of Lisjak wines are exported abroad; they are particularly appreciated in Japan.
  • Boris is proud of his five granddaughters. Teja and Sara already have their wines, while the others will also get their own ones in the future.
  • Tejina Solzica got its name from Boris’s second granddaughter. With this wine, he tried to recreate the taste of her baby tears.