The Karst

Trta refoška

Trta refoška

The Karst is a region stretching between Italy and Slovenia and it is one of the smallest winegrowing regions, but it is renowned all over the world due to its unique history, as well as geographical and cultural characteristics.

The Karst people are proud, good, parsimonious and enterprising: through the centuries, they have fought the stony nature, the merciless Bora wind and the shortage of water on the surface. They used the stone to build mighty houses and defend themselves from the Bora, they captured the water in stone water wells and lovingly used every inch of the little land available.

The Karst lavishly rewarded their struggles, giving them a carpet of red soil rich in iron, the terra rossa. On this land, for hundreds of years, the Karst people have produced a unique wine from the Refosco vine, called Teran, which not only has a sublime taste, but it also has healing properties. In the 19th century, the wealthy ladies of Vienna used to buy it in pharmacies as a remedy for anaemia.

The Karst people also know that a glass of Teran and a slice of the Karst prosciutto can heal any ailment.